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Fiberglass vessel from the 1960's. Largest in the world at the time

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According to a newspaper article written in the 1960’s, Maritime industries, which was owned by Henry Swanepoel’s grandfather, had built the largest fiber-glass vessels in the world at the time, in Paarden Island, Cape Town, South Africa. 


Endeavoring to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps Maiden Voyage Industries was founded in 2017 by Henry Swanepoel Jnr. After Henry obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Pretoria, he ventured to explore the seas of the USA and Europe, working on the world’s most luxurious super-yachts. He then further enrolled in the Lloyds Maritime academy to obtain a certificate in Naval Architecture. 


Henry decided to return to South Africa to pursue a lifelong dream of designing and manufacturing sport-fishing vessels with the vision of developing a marine innovation technology company.

Rendered Front Iso View of the Invicta 30ft power camaran


Maiden Voyage Industries manufactures high performance catamarans that excel in performance, quality and fuel efficiency. But, that is not all, Maiden Voyage Industries vessels are unmatched in user experience and accessibility, from rigging to everyday use. Kicking off their first design with the walk-around pilothouse, providing extra shelter from the elements and capturing the openness and fish-ability of a center console.

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